Effect of annealing time on the micro structure and electromechanical properties PVDF TrFE CTFE terpolymer with 7.8 mol % CTFE was investigated to better understand structure-property relationships in these polymers. DSC results show that the 9 hr-annealing time gives the maximum enthalpy of melting which suggests the crystallinity of the polymer is increased. WAXS results show that annealing increases the proportion of the γ-phase with the ratio of the intensity of γ-phase to α-phase increases with more annealing time. Dielectric spectroscopic study of 9hr-annealed film also suggests that the film shows complete relaxor ferroelectric behavior with a maximum electrostrictive strain up to 4.4 % compared to 4.1 % for the 2.5 hr-annealed film. Finally, annealing time higher than 9 hrs result in a decrease in the electrostrictive strain.

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