9R72. Environmental Stratified Flows. Topics in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Vol 3. - R Grimshaw (Dept of Math Sci, Loughborough Univ, UK). Kluwer Acad Publ, Dordrecht, Netherlands. 2002. 284 pp. ISBN 0-7923-7605-6. $135.00.

Reviewed by O Phillips (Dept of Earth and Planet Sci, Johns Hopkins Univ, Charles and 34th St, Baltimore MD 21218-2681).

This book is a collection of technical essays on some topics of current interest in environmental fluid mechanics. Though numerous references are given at the end of each essay, the individual chapter is generally not a broad review of some aspect of the field, but a detailed exposition of some part of it. The authors are all well known in the field, with cumulatively impressive authority, but the casual reader, even though educated in fluid mechanics, may find the book to be hard going.

The first three chapters are all on various aspects of solitary internal waves. The...

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