Observations on shapes of endothelial cells both in sudanophilic and nonsudanophilic regions at bifurcations of the brachiocephalic (BC) and left subclavian (SA) arteries in hyperlipidemic rabbits were performed under a SEM. The stagnation point of flow and leading edges of flow dividers were nonsudanophilic and covered by round and long fusiform endothelial cells, respectively. The hips of flow dividers of both branchings, proven to be relatively low shear stress regions, by movement of microspheres in steady flow, were sudanophilic and covered by ellipsoidal cells. Similar studies were carried out in normolipidemic rabbits. It might be concluded that lipid deposition in hyperlipidemic rabbits occurs in relatively low shear stress regions, where endothelial cells are functionally activated, rather than in laminar high shear stress regions at the flow divider.

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