An apparatus was constructed for determination of the thermal contact conductance for a paper handsheet/metal interface and for measurement of the effective thermal conductivity of handsheet samples. Bone-dry Bleached Southern Mixed Kraft hand-sheets with a water retention value of 1.832 were used to study the effect of pressure on thermal contact conductance and to measure the effective thermal conductivity of samples at various sheet density levels. A regression model describing the interface thermal contact conductance as a function of pressure and basis weight was derived. The contact conductance increases with increasing pressure or with decreasing basis weight. At a pressure of 2.3 kPa, the value of the interface contact conductance for the bone-dry samples considered ranges from approximately 97 W/m2K for a sheet of 348.7 g/m2 basis weight to 200 W/m2K for a sheet of 68.0 g/m2 basis weight. For pressures near 300 kPa, these values increase to 146 and 452 W/m2K, respectively. The effective thermal conductivity of the handsheet samples was derived from measured values of overall joint conductance and interface contact conductance. The results indicate that the thermal conductivity of the bone-dry samples increases with increasing sheet density, ranging from 0.14 W/mK to 0.70 W/mK for sheet densities of 90 kg/m3 to 500 kg/m3, respectively, for the samples considered.

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