Tribological properties such as lubrication, friction and wear resistance are important to improve machine operating efficiency, machine performances and machine life. To improve tribological properties of sliding surface, scraping is available. Scraping fabricates many small depression on target surface evenly, the depression will function oil hole which promote lubrication of flat bearing surface. Many researchers have reported the surface texturing method which aim is similar to scraping. For example, the techniques fast tool servo turning with diamond insert tool and turn mill processing by dual spindle turning center were reported to fabricate periodically micro dimple. However, these techniques employ expensive high precision machine tools. This paper introduces a more cheaply and rapidly surface texturing technique which employs ultrasonic vibration turning to obtain low friction surface and improve tribological properties. In ultrasonic turning, cutting tool tip is vibrated in principal direction and radial direction simultaneously origin from poisons deformation of ultrasonic transducer. The radial direction tool vibration functions to squeeze workpiece surface in workpiece radial direction periodically, textured surface will be obtained. The results of ultrasonic turning experiments, textured surfaces were obtained. In order to evaluate the tribological performance of the turned surface, friction coefficient between stainless steel pin and turned surface were measured under oil dipping condition. It was confirmed that friction coefficient of ultrasonic turned surface is drastically reduced compared with ordinary turned surface. And proposed technique is available to perform surface texturing for several materials.

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