The establishment of international standards for 5-axis control machining centers has been supported by the high interest of each country. Internationally, various accuracy inspection methods have been proposed and widely discussed. Accuracy measuring devices for these purposes have also been proposed. In 2014, inspection methods for 5-axis machines were published in ISO 10791-6 and 10791-7.

In this research, we propose a test method to process 9 square faces as a new accuracy evaluation method. We simulate the influence of assembly error by the proposed square 3 × 3 machining method on the machined surface. By processing 9 square faces with different tool angle on the same plane, it was possible to evaluate the influence of assembly errors in the 5-axis machining center on the machined surface.

Nine surfaces machined by the square 3 × 3 processing method cause differences in surface height due to alignment errors. In addition, nine machined surfaces become all diagonal not parallelism. The alignment errors of the 5-axis machining center is identified by evaluating the orientation of the machined surfaces. Specifically, we propose a newly method to measure the height difference of nine surfaces. Then, the possibility of identifying the alignment error of the 5-axis machining center using the measurement results is shown.

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