The following corrections were made to the manuscript: Fig. 11 was changed to show the correct markers for the optimal points in the Pareto fronts.

The reference to the markers in the subsequent paragraphs is also corrected: “Since a dynamical model will need to map both steady-state behavior and frequency response behavior, the most dynamically accurate 4R-PRBDM ‘(square marker, □)’ is the one closest to the origin. The closeness to the origin is with respect to the 2 norm of both objectives, as represented in Eq. (27).”


“The panel obtained from this optimization is illustrated in Fig. 12. For comparison, the optimal model parameters for the 5R-PRBDM using the same objective (Eq. (27)) give the solution denoted by the square marker (□), while the star (☆) and upright triangle (△) markers show the optimal model parameters for the 4R-PRBDM and 3R-PRBDM, respectively, in Fig. 12. Although the solution...

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