To date there have been no studies relating epidural pressure and ligament thickness changes with varying Body Mass Indices (BMI). This is required for simulators to model accurate pressures for various BMIs with realistic feeling.

The aim of this study was to measure changing pressures of the saline inside the syringe during Tuohy epidural needle insertions for obstetric parturients of various BMI. This could identify correlations between BMI and epidural insertion saline pressure, and thicknesses and depths of ligaments and epidural space as measured from MRI and ultrasound scans.

Further benefit of measuring pressure differences between various BMI patients is to allow a patient-specific epidural simulator to be developed which has not been achieved before. Another aim was to assess the suitability of our device for use in vivo. Previously, for validation of the measurement System, we conducted needle insertion trial with porcine [1].

There are issues with...

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