This issue completes the first year of the journal. It originated in the ASME Standards Committees who saw the need for a journal that would offer researchers a forum for papers dedicated to verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification. The first issue, the “Sandia V&V Challenge Problem,” grew out of the 2015 ASME Verification and Validation Symposium. I particularly want to recognize and thank the efforts of Dr. Kenneth Hu who, as the Guest Editor, had the overall responsibility for interaction with the symposium, selecting the papers and shepherding them through the arduous journey that a first issue entails.

The initial impetus was targeted toward applying VV&UQ to computational models, and the papers of our first issues had this focus. Later submissions showed us that these initial goals were too narrow. Hence, the aims of the journal have morphed to considering all the forms of uncertainty quantification that we find in modern experiments and the applications of models. We encourage papers that describe the uncertainties that occur in both research, applied engineering, and industrial projects.