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The Journal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (JVVUQ) disseminates original research in the development and application of methods for performing code and solution (calculation) verification, simulation validation, and simulation and experimental uncertainty quantification. The application of verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification to discipline-specific examples are considered important contributions to this journal. Validation experiments and data uncertainty, simulation challenge problems, new approaches to VVUQ, discipline-specific examples and methods, and developments in and demonstration of standards of practice for verification and validation are examples of relevant topics to this journal.

The journal is cross cutting and serves a broad audience of engineers and scientists in many disciplines for which modeling and simulation and the methods to assess accuracy of their results are important.

Scope: Areas of interest including, but not limited to: Code verification; Solution verification; Validation; Uncertainty quantification; Model prediction; Model adequacy; Model accuracy; Predictive capacity; Model maturity; Phenomena identification and ranking table (PIRT); Design of experiments; Experimental uncertainty; Uncertainty in measurement; Model uncertainty; Model discrepancy; Sensitivity analysis; Model fidelity; Intended use; Context of use; Regulatory science; Aleatoric uncertainty; Epistemic uncertainty; Comparator; Quantification of margins and uncertainties (QMU); Fundamentals of probability; Applications of probability; Bayesian inference; V&V standards development; Challenge problems; Model calibration methods; Uncertainty propagation; Application examples of VVUQ

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN: 2377-2158
eISSN: 2377-2166

Title History
Journal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (ISSN: 2377-2158), 2015 - Present

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